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Welcome to the Sussex Geodiversity website. Geodiversity is the variety of rocks, fossils, minerals, natural processes, landforms and soils that underlie and determine the character of our landscape and environment. Here you will find:

  • Geological maps of Sussex and surrounding areas
  • Map-based links to information on Local Geological Sites, access, interest features, photographs and site maps
  • Stratigraphic charts for the local geology
  • Links to descriptions of the major rock units
  • A link to a bibliography of all relevant publications on the Chalk (other rock units to follow)

There are also links to related websites including all the organisations involved in the Partnership. Our hope is that the website will evolve to include contributions from many other sources.

What is the Sussex Geodiversity Partnership?

The Partnership was formed in 2011 with the aim of promoting and protecting geodiversity in East and West Sussex and the city of Brighton and Hove. Members of the Partnership represent a range of organisations including:

  • East and West Sussex County Councils
  • Natural England
  • Geologists' Association
  • Sussex and Brighton Universities
  • Sussex Wildlife Trust and Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre
  • South Downs National Park Authority
  • High Weald AONB
  • Local geological groups

Our objectives

The Partnership seeks to share information on the geodiversity of Sussex, influence policy and establish cross-regional working for geodiversity as well as providing the following functions:

  • A regional network for organisations, groups and individuals involved in geodiversity
  • A regional voice and profile for geodiversity
  • Easy access to information about Sussex geodiversity
  • Influence planning, policy development and practice
  • Share good practice
  • The Geodiversity Charter for England was launched in October 2014 and the document can be accessed on the website of the English Geodiversity Forum

Current news:

March 2017
Wealden Sandstones
More »

February 2017
Event: Water Abstraction and Wastewater Recharge in the Winchester Area
More »

January 2017
Current status of Novington Sand Pit
More »

January 2017
Worthing College Geology Evening Classes for BEGINNERS
More »

December 2016
Update for Heath End Sand Pit
More »

November 2016
Marked increase in erosion of Sussex chalk cliffs in past 150 years
More »

October 2016
Brain tissue discovered in Sussex dinosaur fossil
More »

July 2016
Dinosaurs of Horsham: art, reality and fun
More »

June 2016
Cocking Chalk Pit site visit
More »

May 2016
Just published – Guide to Bracklesham and Selsey
More »

April 2016
Cocking Chalk Pit Restoration Plan
More »

February 2016
Into the Wealden
More »

January 2016
Charmandean Quarry update
More »

December 2015
Horton Clay Pit Pleistocene deposits
More »

October 2015
Update for Newtimber Chalk Quarry
More »

September 2015
Current status of Heath End Sand Pit
More »

September 2015
Proposed infilling of Rock Common Sand Quarry
More »

September 2015
Horshamosaurus – a new British dinosaur
More »

September 2015
Development of Keymer Tileworks site
More »

September 2015
Geology Photographic Competition 2015
More »

August 2015
The Threat to Water Lane, Hampshire
More »

August 2015
Restoration of Rudgwick Brickworks claypit
More »

July 2015
Proposals for reuse of Shoreham Cement Works
More »

July 2015
Proposals for reuse of Chantry Mill Quarry
More »

June 2015
WEBSITE: GeologySoutheast.inthepast.org.uk
More »

May 2015
Horton Clay Pit local geological site to be infilled
More »

December 2014
A Museum for The Etches Collection
More »

November 2014
Geological Conservation Review
More »

October 2014
Logging the Chalk, Rory N. Mortimore
More »

October 2014
Geology and History in Southeast England Conference
More »

February 2014
Large crack along cliff top at Birling Gap
More »

January 2014
Reported cliff fall at Birling Gap
More »

January 2014
Hastings cliff collapse
More »

September 2013
Ice Age erratics discovered at Medmerry, Selsey
More »

August 2013
"Fracking" or to give it its technical name hydraulic fracturing is currently very much in the news nationally and in Sussex...
More »

Upcoming events and lectures:

Brighton & Hove Geological Society »
5 April 2017
Hearth and homes; the building of Sussex
Dr Geoffrey Mead, University of Sussex

Horsham Geological Field Club »
12 April 2017
Prof. Christopher Jackson, Imperial College London

West Sussex Geological Society »
21 April 2017
Geology and ground investigation for HS2
Jonathon Gammon

West Sussex Geological Society »
19 May 2017
Geology of the Moon
William Joyce

West Sussex Geological Society »
16 June 2017
Middle Jurassic ammonites
Bob Chandler

Please contact us at info@geodiversitysussex.org.uk if you would like your programme of events or lectures added to this feed.


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